About Us

'Technology plays a key role in our society today. At Fineteklabs we strive to make the world and life better and quality through technological Innovations and advancements. We use technology as a tool, and an enabler to provide various customers from various industries efficiency, sustainability whilst spurring growth.'

Kombo Steve,Founder

50+ completed projects
100+ Satisfied customers
Up to75% More reliability
Available globally

Let's engineer your business

Here at Fine-tek-labs, we own our work and work as a team to ensure success of our customer projects. Our diverse teams work concurrently to guarantee timely delivery of various set milestones

Our engineers go through continuous and competitive innovation and skill advancement courses to guarantee better delivery of customer experiences and to ensure higher standard of disruptive products for our customers and their consumers

The story so far...

Jan 2016Fineteklabs founded with the intention of providing fine-technologies
Jan 2016Founded as an ICT &Fintech Solutions Consultancy Developed a financial -merry go round application for companies
2017Developed Zalisha -Precision Farming Platform
Jan 2018Incubated at Chandaria Innovation Center, Featured among key innovative by Business Today Changed our slogan to “Go Beyond”
Jan 2019Started providing outsourced software development services-For local Kenyan market
Jan 2020Expanded to offering global software development services across multiple industries Launched truedote.com
Jan 2021Launched nalipia.com human resource and financial services provider
Jan 2023Changed our slogan to “Engineering Success”

Our culture

As our motto states, we engineer success- Everyone at Fineteklabs engineers both personal and workplace success. Fineteklabs encourage and support everyone to be innovative and have a SMART goal in life, to positively impact society through their day-to-day activities.